Roane State Community College

Ed Tech Academy 2015

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Keynote Speaker, Dr. Thomas Tobin

104 Best Practices in Desire2Learn

In this high-energy interactive session, Dr. Tobin shares 104 things you can do right now to engage your students better using the Desire2Learn environment. You’ll learn use-them-tomorrow strategies that grow out of what already makes you a good professor.

Be sure to bring an Internet-connected device, like a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. We’ll be getting “hands on” based on your interests and choices!

Presenter: Thomas Tobin

104 Best Practices Presentation (PDF)


Reaching Out to Everyone: Universal Design for Learning

Think about the last time you had to make a class accommodation for a student with a disability. Think, too, about the “get-’em-caught-up” work you put in when any student misses a class meeting due to work, illness, or family commitments. How often do you feel like you’re teaching 25 independent-study courses rather than one big course?

Come to this workshop and learn how to build on what you already do in your courses to increase student retention, keep students engaged, make specific accommodations less necessary for everyone–and save yourself a lot of repeated effort.

Presenter: Thomas Tobin

UDL Presentation (PDF)

UDL Handout (PDF)

Access Northeastern Illinois University’s Faculty Training Course (webpage)

Utilizing Video to improve learning outcomes, increase student engagement, and Increase Teacher Presence:

In this session, you will get first-hand experience creating videos that can be used in your D2L courses.  Learn about simple tricks you can use to increase teacher presence whether it be a traditional face-to-face course or an online course.

Presenter: Nikki White and Dr. Susan Sutton

Hands-on Accessibility Training

Join TBR’s accessibility experts for an hour and a half of hands-on D2L accessibility training. Experience the struggles students with disabilities encounter everyday then learn what you need to do to ensure your D2L courses meet legal guidelines and standards.

Presenters: Philip Voorhees and Alice Wershing

Note: Attendees were enrolled in a TBR Accessibility Training course.  If you are not currently enrolled and would like access, please contact CTAT for assistance.

Open Education Resources: No-cost/Low-cost learning resources for teaching and learning

Textbooks are expensive and sometimes don’t fully meet faculty expectations and/or student needs. Open Education Resources (OER) offer ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs while allowing more personalized content to teach the way you want to teach. This session introduces OER concepts and examines challenges and benefits to their use in the classroom.

Presenter: Robert Benson and Darren York

OER Presentation (PDF)