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Kathy Arcangeli and Susan Sutton


This FLC will explore how using the Flipped Classroom Model to leverage the learning in your classroom will provide you with more time interacting with students instead of lecturing. Faculty from multiple disciplines will:

  • Explore the Flipped Classroom Model and how it shifts the teacher’s role in class from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side” to “mentor in the center”
  • Explore and learn how flipping your classroom increases: Teacher to student and student to student interaction
  • Explore how Flipping your classroom makes differentiating instruction easier.
  • Explore how to build in reflective activities to have students think about what they learned, how it will help them, its relevance, and this reflective process is imperative when flipping the classroom.
  • Examine what technology RSCC has to support the flipped classroom.
  • Implement the flipped classroom model.
  • Reflect on the impact Flipping the Classroom had on your teaching and learning.

Expectations of members:

Members are expected to meet with the group regularly according to the schedule set forth by the group. Some FLC’s meet 3 to 5 times during the semester and some less. The group will set their meeting schedule at the first FLC meeting.

Members will also commit to a process of inquiry into their teaching: revising the syllabus for one of your courses based upon flipping some of your classes in the Spring 2014, and implementing the course and assessing the findings during Spring 2014. As a group we will create a very short survey for you to give to the students to see how the students benefited from the flipped classroom model. Furthermore, as an individual you will decide how many times during the semester you will flip your class. Some faculty members flip all of their classes and some faculty members only flip one or two during the semester. You can decide how many you want to flip.

We would like for faculty members to present the results of their learning at Fall Convocation during an in-service session. This can be done as a group or individually. Other options would be to present at a conference, record a short video to share with other faculty members or host a webinar during Teaching Tip Thursday. These are just some ways you can share your experience with your colleagues but it is not required.


  • A new energized sense of community with your peer group around work, learning and food!
  • Recognition of your work.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with your peer group on a conference presentation or publication.