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Instructors can select from a variety of new interactive teaching and learning tools, called Elements and Practices, that can be embedded directly into Momentum Content Files to create engaging learning experiences for students. Instructors can also use the new Layouts feature to display and organize course content in Momentum Content files.

  • Elements are a variety of interactive learning tools that Instructors can embed directly into Momentum Content Files.
  • Practices are a variety of interactive tools that Instructors can embed directly into Momentum Content Files. Practices can provide students with opportunities to assess prior knowledge, explore new concepts, or self-assess learning.
  • Layouts are used to present and organize course content using layout columns.


Accordions are useful when you have a list of items with additional information to learn about each item. Using an accordion allows the learner to focus on learning the list first, then expand their understanding by opening each accordion. There are two options available numbered and unnumbered.

Inserting Accordions (PDF)



Tabs are useful for providing information that belongs in a series. Tabs are great for showcasing items one-by-one. There are two format options availabe horizontal and vertical.

Inserting Tabs (PDF)

Click and Reveals are a useful tool when you want to present a learner with a question, statement, or fact to reflect on before they select a button to reveal the key learning related to the original statement. You can also use a Click and Reveal to provide additional optional learning materials. There are two format options available: Questionand Standard.

Inserting Click and Reveal (PDF)

Callout separates the content within the rectangle from the rest of the content. Callouts are useful for drawing attention to a key detail. There are four format options available: Standard, Question, Attention and Jumbo.

Insert Callouts (PDF)

Timelines are useful for laying out events over a period of time, showing the steps in a process, or highlighting items in a series. There are two format options available: Standard (Left-Aligned) and Alternating.

Note: On mobile devices or tablets, alternating timelines automatically convert to the standard timeline layout.

Inserting Timelines (PDF)

Stylized Quotes uses large, stylized quotation marks and colour to set it apart from primary content. Two format options are available Standard and Large focus.

Inserting Stylized Quotes (PDF)

Flip Cards are useful for displaying a collection of items, either related or unrelated. Flip cards can be used to create associations, or as a Questions/Answer tool. Flip cards can include a combination of text and images.

Inserting Flip Cards (PDF)

Carousels are useful for building a series of content slides to show a connection between information. Carousels can be used to present a lot of information without using a large amount of space.

Insert Carousel (PDF)

Hotspots allow students to select and open active icons to learn more about the parts of an image, including text, images, videos, or hyperlinks.


Adds a question that has one or more blanks, each with two or more correct answers in a “dropdown”. Students can then find the correct solution by selecting one of the possible answers.

Allows students to complete a statement by adding missing words. Fill in the Blanks does not provide a list of possible words to choose from for each blank. Students will need to type an answer in each blank.

Adds a question that has more than one correct answer. Instructors can use multi-select when they want students choose more than one answer.

Adds a question followed by a list of possible responses.

Sequencing can be used to reinforce the correct order of steps, or indicate why each step is important.

This organizes items into different categories. Each category in Sorting can be set up to accept a single item, or multiple items.

Adds a questions or statements that can be true or false.


Instructors can select a layout option and add content including text, images, or videos to display to students. Layouts can be used within Momentum Content Files and Insert Elements; however, layouts are not available to use within Insert Practices.

Note: Layouts will display a dotted borderline when in edit mode; however, when viewed by students the lines are invisible.

There are four layout options available, including:

  • Two Panels
  • Two Thirds / One Third Panels
  • One Third / Two Thirds Panels
  • Three Panels

Capture App

The Capture App is a tool in the Creator+ package that allows users to record their screen and webcam for presentations and demonstrations. These videos can then be used across courses.

Welcome to Capture (Video)

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