Audio Equipment

Sony Digital Voice Recorder (ICD-UX70)


This digital voice recorder features convenient direct USB connection and includes a noise canceling microphone so you can capture crystal clear audio recordings on built-in memory.

Number in CTAT inventory: 20





Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II


This USB desktop array microphone can pick up individual presenters speaking throughout a large room and utilizes high-quality acoustic echo cancellation.  This is very stable solution for clearly capturing both faculty lectures and student discussions.

Number in CTAT inventory: 2





Blue Snowball


The Snowball is a direct plug n’ play mic that connects to either a Mac or PC – no additional software is needed. With its dual capsule design and unique three-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad and omni), the Snowball can handle everything from soft vocals to the loudest garage band – and it’s ideal for podcasting.

Number in CTAT inventory: 1





Logitech USB Headset H340


A ligthweight, plug-and-play USB headset that delivers crystal-clear, digital audio.

Number in CTAT inventory: 5