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Video Production

Creating Videos with PowerPoint

These handouts will guide you through the process of using narrated slide presentations and the voiceover feature in PowerPoint to create a video file (mp4). Once created, you will learn how to upload and transcribe your video using tools within YouTube.

Creating Videos (MP4) with PowerPoint – Version 2010

Creating Videos (MP4) with PowerPoint – Version 2013/2016



Screencastomatic is a free online video maker that produces quality videos and it’s very easy to use. This is a simple screen capture tool that allows you to record what ever is happening on your PC screen and narrate it as it’s happening.

Screencastomatic Tutorials

Free Screencast

Free Screencast allows you to record a full-screen or a particular area of the screen of your computer, even in a multi-monitor system thus you can enjoy them on any portable devices or apps. It can capture your audio synchronously from a microphone, telephone line, audio mixer and other input devices.

Download Free Screencast

Free Screencast Tutorials


Downloading Jing puts a sun-shaped icon in the upper-right hand corner of your monitor. When you want to grab either a screenshot or a screencast, hitting the icon opens up a tool that you use to mark the perimeter of your shot and start recording. If you’re recording a screencast, audio will automatically be recorded.

You can choose to upload videos to, which is run by the same company. Once you’ve done so, it’s easy to share the provided URL or embed the video in your site. Alternatively, you can customize share buttons on your Jing dashboard for sharing directly to Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

The free version of Jing records in SWF format. Jing Pro subscribers can record in SWF or MPEG-4 video, make unbranded videos, record from their webcams and upload videos directly to YouTube.





Audacity Overview (Opens in new window)

Audacity is a free software program used to edit and record audio that is available. It can be used on PCs or Macs. To install Audacity on your computer, you must download it by visiting their website. It is an open source software program which enables users to view the source code for anyone to use or study. Additionally, Audacity is continuously improving and changing because users are able to study how it works. It can be downloaded by visiting the following website:

Audacity (opens in new window) (