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Momentum (Brightspace) ePortfolio is an ‘electronic portfolio,’ which is simply a collection of digital artifacts that you pull together and assemble into a format that you can share with others. Please read the D2L ePortfolio Overview document below to learn a little bit about ePortfolio then watch the videos below to learn how to navigate, add artifacts, create collections, and create and share presentations of your ePortfolio. .
D2L ePortfolio Overview (PDF)

ePortfolio Components

Adding Artifacts Video

In the D2L ePortfolio, reflections are independent items in your ePortfolio that you can associate or link to Artifacts, Collections, or Presentations. In other words, unlike comments, they are not tied to any single file. You can use them to discuss the relationship between items. You can also use Reflections to define long-term goals that are met by the various items.

As with all the tools in the ePortfolio, the actual use of this item is up to you. For example, while you can create a web-based Presentation in your ePortfolio to display a number of different items, you can use a Reflection to discuss the relationship between items.

Creating Collections Video

Collections are like folders of items: they are groups of Artifacts, Reflections, and/or Presentations that you can create and use for organizing your ePortfolio items.

Importing/Exporting/Post College Directions

Exporting and Edudentity

When you export an item, you also export the item’s description, tags, and settings. You do not export information about the user who created the item, users who left comments on the item, or assessments for the item.

With the exception of HTML presentations, you cannot export items for offline viewing. Exported items can only be imported into another Momentum ePortfolio or systems that support the Momentum ePortfolio XML format.

You can export your entire Momentum ePortfolio or specific items. If an item has multiple associations, it will only appear once in the exported zip file.

Sign up for an Edudentity Account

In order to have permanent access to your ePortfolio, complete the following steps:

  1. Export your ePortfolio within D2L
  2. Create an Edudentity Account (opens in new window)
  3. Login to your account and import your ePortfolio